Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Are ARC services available during the COVID-19 crisis?


ARC services are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m..  However, ARC physical offices are closed at this time.

Q.   Where is ARC located?


1211 Chestnut Street, 7th Floor

Q.   How can I enroll in ARC services?


Your CUA worker can submit a service referral on your behalf. You can also call ARC and enroll in services Monday - Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Q.   What kind of help will I receive at ARC?


You can get information about your reunification case. CUA and/or Family Court may have required you to take certain steps for your children to return home and ARC assists in providing these services.  If the service or help you need is not available at ARC, you RSS can work to identify community resources.

Q.   What kinds of services are at ARC?


  • ARC has the following services:

    • Adult Education

    • Behavioral Health

    • Domestic Violence Supports

    • Financial Education and Counseling 

    • Housing

    • Mental Health

    • Parent Education 

    • Workforce Development

ARC also has special events, workshops and other group activities.

Q.   Who will help me after I enroll in ARC services?


You will have the name and contact information for your assigned staff known as a Reunification Support Specialist (RSS). The RSS is your point of contact at ARC and will work in partnership with you to address your reunification needs.

Q.   I cannot remember the name of my RSS. What do I do?


   You can call 267-514-3500 or send an email to

Q.   What do you need to participate in ARC services remotely?


You will need an email address, WiFi or internet access and a mobile phone. ARC can assist with creating an email address.

Q.   I was told I needed an app to participate in ARC services. What do I do?


Contact your RSS or send an email to

Q.   How can I obtain a copy of my Certificate of Completion? 


You can call 267 514-3500 or send an email to