Financial Education Specialist

Urban Affairs Coalition/Achieving Reunification Center

Job Description

TITLE:            Financial Education Specialist

DEPARTMENT:      DHS/Achieving Reunification Center

REPORTS TO:         Supportive Services Unit Supervisor

The Achieving Reunification Center (ARC), a non-profit entity, has served parent/caregivers with children placed in an out of home placement through Department of Human Services since 2005.  The vision of the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) is that all families with children in out-of-home placement have resources and referrals provided to them to achieve timely reunification.


The Financial Education Counselor (FEC) helps clients accomplish financial objectives by assessing their financial situation; developing and presenting financial strategies and plans for obtaining financial stability. In addition, the FEC collaborates with the ongoing specialist staff in ARC to ensure these plans are reflected in overall ARC service plan.

Core Areas of Expertise:


  • Financial Education & Counseling (individual and small groups)

  • Budgeting and Savings

  • Credit Repair,

  • Money Management


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Primary focus: Coaching client on personal finances, income management and debt reduction

  • Facilitate in-person and remote financial counseling sessions to assess financial stability; by gathering information regarding current financial status, savings, current income and earning plans

  • Work collaboratively with parents/caregivers (P/Cs) to create household plan to support family stability

  • Support (P/Cs) to address barriers to financial stability through credit score monitoring, assist client with resources to address open balances, evictions, etc.

  • Guide parents/caregivers to establish goals as part of an overall financial plan 

  • Develops financial strategies by guiding client to establish financial goals; matching goals to situation with appropriate financial plans.

  • Provides financial management information by preparing financial status reports.

  • Monitor parent/caregivers financial situation by tracking changes in wealth and life circumstances through regular check ins while enrolled in ARC services

  • Provide regular financial literacy group activities and webinars for clients to gain financial education on basic financial topics.

  • Address referrals submitted from ARC and DHS case managers.

  • Conducting counseling sessions via phone and/or virtual platform.

  • Updates professional job knowledge by tracking financial markets, general economic conditions, and new financial products; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional and technical publications; maintaining professional networks;

  • Adhere to ARC/UAC/DHS policies and procedures.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Professional experience in Personal Finance, Financial Operations, Financial Planning and Strategy, Financial Skills, Financial Software, Conforming Strategies to Customer Needs,

  • Provide financial plan and Certificate of Completion, Case Management, Financial Licenses (not mandatory), Analyzing Information, Business Knowledge

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite;

  • Highly organized with ability to effectively manage time and respond to deadlines;

  • Excellent listening and communication skills

  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills including keyboarding, writing and presentations.


  • Professional experience in use of remote and Virtual platforms,

  • Professional connections with Nonprofit organizations focused on social support; ex Housing networks, Community Development Corporations, Banking, credit counseling

  • Experience with increasing clients’ Economic mobility

ARC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Background clearances (child abuse and criminal record)
And professional references required.

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