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Read below to see what we are doing to keep everyone at ARC safe. We are aware of how this pandemic has affected us both physically and mentally. To ensure that everyone who comes into our space feels at ease, we are taking strong action.

Walks in are now being accepted from August and onwards. Give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment.


Social Distancing

We have setup our offices to enable social distancing between all personnel, at all times.

Mask Requirements

While vaccinations are on the rise, we are still encouraging everyone entering our space to keep their masks on.

Constant Cleansing

We are cleaning and sanitizing our spaces rigorously.

And if you still don't feel at ease, we've stepped up our efforts to stay accessible and available. Parents and caregivers may use mobile phones to access the services. Video conferencing is also available, offering the opportunity to visibly interact with ARC staff and partner agencies. 


This is a unique time. However, the ARC's commitment to providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to ensure that children return to a stable and healthy home environment remains unchanged. 

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