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Understand more about our approach and what kind of services we offer.

ARC aligns with the IOC (improving outcomes for children) model which contains the belief that a community-neighborhood approach with defined roles between county and provider positively impacts safety, permanency, and well-being.

The IOC focuses on the following outcomes

  • Children and youth maintain safety in their own homes and communities.

  • Children and youth achieve timely reunification or other permanence.

  • Reduction in use of congregate care.

  • Improved child, youth, and family functioning.

Our Goals

Derived from the IOC, ARC’s primary goal is to support families’ journeys to overcome reunification barriers and achieve independence. This is accomplished through various objectives:

  • Economic stability

  • Behavioral health

  • Opportunities for families to connect during OOH placement 

  • Access to necessary services and community linkages

  • Reduced wait for services

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