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Parent Corner

Read what ARC parents have to say about their time with us. If you are currently engaged with ARC and would like to be featured on our website, get in touch.

"Everyday I continue to keep strong and keep my progress going strong.  Thanks to you all.  I just want to tell you all how much you have impacted my life in a positive way and I will continue to go down the right path."


"The Team At ARC have not only been helpful with information, services and resources but have done so very tactfully and empathetically, helping me and other parents to cope with the trauma of the displacement of their children while giving them the tools they need to have them returned home. Thank you so much for your continued help and assistance."

"The information that was provided to me has taught me to be more responsible, more understanding, more loving and compassionate. It has made me a better man and a better father. I would recommend parents and people all over the world to attend the Achieving Reunification Center for their services."

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