Reunification Supports

Navigating the child welfare system is difficult. We collaborate with the Department of Human Services (DHS and CUA (Community Umbrella Agencies) to work with our parents on their journey.

The Parent Journey

Reunification is a coordinated effort between parents and caregivers with children in out of home placement and Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS), Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA), Philadelphia Family Court, Attorneys, Resource Parents, Community Resources and the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC).


Working With The DHS And CUA

DHS is the City agency responsible for investigating reports of abuse and neglect and removing children from unsafe situations. When the child enters placement, the parents and caregivers will work with a CUA Case Manager as the point of contact for the reunification journey. A judge at Family Court may require the parents and caregivers to attend ARC for support. At other times, the CUA Case Manager will complete a voluntary care referral to ARC.