Reunification Support Coach Supervisor

Urban Affairs Coalition/Achieving Reunification Center
Job Description

TITLE:            Reunification Support Coach Supervisor

DEPARTMENT:          DHS/Achieving Reunification Center

REPORTS TO:         Reunification Support Manager


The Achieving Reunification Center (ARC), a non-profit entity, has served parent/caregivers with children placed in an out of home placement through Department of Human Services since 2005.  The vision of the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) is that all families with children in out-of-home placement have access to case management services, resources and supports to achieve timely family reunification.


The Reunification Support Coach Supervisor (RSCS) is responsible for the overall performance and management of up to five  case managers within the Reunification Coaching Unit.  The primary objective of the Reunification Coaching Unit is to ensure parents/caregivers are enrolled in ARC services, parents/caregivers partner with Reunification Support Coaches using the Empath mobility mentoring framework of goal setting and coaching to make timely  progress in addressing reunification goals.  The Reunification Coach Supervisor (RCS) ensures that parent/caregivers receive quality support through regular formal in person and/or virtual meetings and follow ups through telephone and text.   In addition, the Reunification Coach Supervisor ensures timely reports on parent/caregiver progress in advance of scheduled Family Court appearances to assigned CUAs and other key stakeholders.  The Reunification Coach Supervisor provides support to develop key mobility mentoring competencies and skills through individual supervisions and Unit meetings.   The Reunification Coach Supervisor will work in person and remotely.

Duties and responsibilities:


  • Responsible for the direct supervision and evaluation of the day-to-day work of the Reunification Support Coach (RSC) in effective management of assigned caseloads through pre-established case plans.

  • Review request for services and assign appropriate RSC in Penelope.

  • Observe and support RSC to partner with parent/caregiver to use Empath Mobility Mentoring of goal setting, coaching and motivational interviewing practices in person and remotely.

  • Effectively use Penelope to record parent assessments, interactions and participation in formal in person/virtual meetings.

  • Ensure staff  participation in ongoing professional development opportunities including mandated reporting, mental health first aid, motivational interviewing, executive functioning and trauma informed practices

  • Approve RSC recommendation to close parent/caregiver case through review of related documentation in Penelope along with closing summary reports.

  • Conduct periodic audits of P/C electronic and manual files to ensure completeness and accuracy.    

  • Work with Reunification Support Manager to ensure progress in meeting Unit productivity goals including parent/caregiver participation in goal setting and goal review meetings and parent/caregiver completion of ARC services.

  • Work with Reunification Support Manager and Mobility Mentoring Coaches to coordinate trainings and observation sessions.

  • Maintain communications with assigned Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) as needed to understand change in parent/caregiver case status including goal change.



  • Masters Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Human Services or related field required.  A combination of a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Social Work, Psychology, Human Services or related field, substantial case management and supervisory experience will be considered.

  • A minimum of 5-6 years’ experience in the delivery of case management services for child welfare agency.

  • Knowledge of Philadelphia Department of Human Services and Community Umbrella agencies preferred.

  • Demonstrated ability to work remotely.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to exercise professional judgment and initiative.

  • Strong written, analytical, organizational, presentation and problem solving skills.

  • Highly organized with ability to effectively manage time and respond to deadlines.

  • Ability to work in an evolving organizational environment.

  • Excellent listening and communication skills.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

ARC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Background clearances (child abuse and criminal record) required. Apply below and send resume to