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Support Services

ARC is a one stop support center that provides the following services through groups, workshops and in person sessions.

ARC support services can help parents on their reunification journey in many ways.  Parents can choose to have a virtual or in-person experience to:



  • Access information on basic family resources such as housing, employment, and financial support.

  • Learn safety-focused practices in workshops and special events to ensure children will not be at risk upon their return home.

  • Participate in caregiver supports and services including well-being activities, behavioral and mental health supports, and educational services.

  • Partner with an individual ARC coach to create an action plan that connects to resources, supports, and services to successfully address reunification barriers and make progress towards self-sufficiency

  • Benefit from the use of evidence-based approaches that are parent-centered involves understanding and responding to the effects of varying levels of trauma.

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